1. How long can the body be kept at the funeral?
Some funeral homes have refrigeration to help preserve the body past 30 days if necessary. There is a visitation period that you can discuss with the funeral home.
2. How will I know if I will need an oversized casket?
Measure the person at their widest point. Standard caskets have an inside width of 23.4 inches and 79 inches long. (6 foot 6 inches)
3. What is the procedure to buy one of your caskets?
Call us and tell us what product you want, where and when you want it delivered.  We give you a price. You pay as agreed and we start to ship that same day or the next day depending on when the payment is received as agreed.
4. How fast can you get the casket to me?
We can usually get a casket to you in about two days depending on when your payment agreement is met.
5. Will the funeral home accept your casket?
Yes! The Federal Trade Commission has legally barred mortuaries from refusing to accept a casket from a family that chooses to purchase the casket from an outside provider.
6. How soon can I get the Casket to me?
Typically a casket can be delivered to an address of your choice including any Funeral Home in 2 to 4 business days. An Expedited Order can be  delivered in 24 to 48 hours if necessary
7. What do I do to get a casket delivered to a Funeral Home?  
Choose a Casket from our Web-sites (
www.savoncaskets.com) products page. Call Nick (206) 390-3797 or J. Oba (206) 445-9095 and give us a zip code of the Casket delivery point, as well as the height and width of the deceased (6’6” in height and or 23” in width is the max. for a standard Casket). Make payment arrangements

What payment methods can you accept?
Debit cards, Credit cards (Visa, Master, and Discover) wire transfer from your bank. Cash and Western Union, where we will receive money in minutes, then we can ship immediately.  

9. Can I save money by picking the casket up from the airport?
Yes you can. You will need a standard sized van or a full sized pickup truck and at least 2 strong men.  The delivery from the Airport is free within 20 miles. Beyond 20 miles, the rate is $1.50 per mile

Will the funeral home be upset if I don’t buy their casket?
A funeral home is in business to make money, and they have just lost a sale of $3000 to $7000. For almost 100 years the funeral home has enjoyed a monopoly on the entire business. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has enacted regulations that give the consumer a choice to provide certain funeral products and services themselves. The Casket is one of those products. The Law says the funeral home has to give you an itemized list that includes a separate line item for the casket. You can choose to remove any item on that list (except certain non-declinable items). You then can buy the casket from us at a lower price.    


When do I tell the funeral home that I am buying the casket from you?
Do not tell the funeral home that you will provide the casket until after they give you their itemized list (limo, body preparation, chapel, act.) of all services and their prices. This should include the casket price list. Ask to see the casket price list before you see the caskets.  After you have received prices from other funeral homes and settled on one that best suits your needs, then you must tell that funeral home you will ship the casket to them. If you tell them you will provide the casket some funeral homes will give you a price list with higher prices.


My dad is an ex-basketball player do you have a casket for him? He is now about 6’5” tall and 260 pounds.
You must have the deceased person measured at their widest point. A regular sized casket has an inside width of 23.5 inches with an inside length of 77 inches (6 foot 4 inches).  Caskets come with widths of 33” and Lengths to 79.5” (6foot 6 inches).


Can you give me any tips to save money on the funeral expenses?
Yes, shop around. Visit at least 3 funeral homes, get price lists from each one. If possible get price lists before the body is picked up. Know that the funeral home has a lot of experience selling their services. Be aware of questions such as, how will you be paying? Where do you live (do not say nearby). How much checking around have you done before coming in here? How many death certificates do you need? (Indicates the number of insurance policies you have.  None of the answers to these questions are necessary to give you there price list. Take the price lists home and compare prices. Do not buy a Funeral Bundle Plan. Only pay for the services you want.  Get a price of the grave site from a cemetery. Buy one of our low priced caskets


The funeral home in my community gives our church hand held fans and an annual college scholarship of $1500, what does your company do for the church?
Please let me give you the long answer to that very fair question. Let’s look at what that funeral home is giving the church. If those fans have the funeral home’s advertisement printed on them, the fans are just useful advertisement. When considering the $1500 annual scholarship. Let’s say two of your church members used that funeral home because of the $1500 scholarship, the overpayment on the least expensive Caskets alone would pay for the fans and the $1500 scholarship. You can use that funeral home, buy the casket from Savon Caskets and use the money you save for other things. One family said they paid for a round trip ticket for a family member who wouldn’t otherwise be able to attend. 


15. How can you sell the same casket for such a low price? What is the difference?
Savon Caskets & Urns is not a funeral home. Funeral Homes are licensed to sell funeral services, we sell Caskets.  You can buy a Casket from Savon Caskets or you can buy one from a funeral home. Savon Caskets is a factory representative of a 100 year old Casket manufacturer in the USA. We buy our caskets from the factory.  Your price includes the cost of the Casket, the expense of shipping and a fee to cover our overhead.

If you have additional questions please call us at:
Nick - (206) 390-3797 or John - (206) 445-9905