About Savon

Savon Caskets & Urns is a provider of high quality burial caskets, urns and cremation jewelry, Located in Seattle, Washington and Carson California.

We have over 200 burial Caskets, we have metal caskets made of Carbon Steel, Bronze, Copper as well as Stainless steel. We have one of the most complete collections of Wooden Caskets in the country made with solid Hardwood & Hardwood veneers. We have Eco-friendly Bio degradable Caskets suitable for cremation.

We also offer many varieties of artisan and biodegradable Urns for Human's as well as pets. Call Nick at (206) 390-3797 if you have questions.
Before you make an extremely important decision about a casket or urn, contact Savon Caskets .

View our extensive lines of caskets and urns on our product page.

We are available 7 days a week, to serve you and your family.

Savon Caskets & Urns

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